G2Power Manufactures

What Is "G2Power Manufactures" All About?

G2Power is not the One Trick Pony like so many of our competitors. Many are only committed to grid tied systems and making a quick buck while the incentives and rebates are in place rather than providing you products that will save you money and be a best fit for your budget and needs. Many don't even install the systems they "claim to install" and rely on subcontractors yet refer to themselves as "Leaders", "Solar Icons", "Premier" and other ridiculous and indefensible marketing puffery. As far as they know grid tied solar systems are the only "solar" application that there is and many don't even know how they actually work.

G2Power is a leader not a follower.

Our goal is to bring the products and services the market needs to move our economy forward.

We are answering your requests for American Made Products by launching our own products manufactured by G2Power in the USA. Keep checking as we launch more and more of our own product lines.


G2Power is seeking investors who are interested in becoming part of a dynamic growth company that is committed to quality products manufactured here in the United States. If you are an investor please contact us by either phone or email to request more information.

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