This is where you will learn the BIG difference between a Solar/Renewable energy Company and the others. We know what makes Solar work! The others.... electrical firms, roofers and even some of the other "so called" Solar Companies, the list of wannabes is growing every day - well the facts are - they don't even know what they don't know. Trust your Solar Project to an experienced Solar Company not an electrical firm or a general contractor. This is a specialized trade. Our Crews DO Our Installations. Our Trucks, Our Crews, Our Installation. You can count on us! When it comes to support you wont get the brush off from a General Contractor pointing you to the inexperienced subcontractor that did the actual installation. We will be there after the sale!



We are always open to partnering with you on a design/build project. Please contact our Sales Team to discuss our current rate schedule and/or to schedule a representative to meet with your design team.



We can professionally assess your site for its Solar and Renewable Energy Capabilities. If you wish to contract with us, we will provide you with no charge site assessment and no charge bid for services to make your project a reality.


Unfortunately you may find as a result of the end of the Missouri Utility rebate program photovoltaics that the company you had install your system no longer has any presence in the area or never really was a company to begin with. We're hearing all sorts of nightmarish stories now. You may also find that even if they're a local company, they learned just enough to install it but have no idea on how to service it. Either way we'd be pleased to assist you. Although, obviously we won't honor any other company's commitment to you, we will be able to provide you with service. Call or us or use the contact us form.



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