CL Commercial Inverters

The Fronius CL inverter has modular system architecture with up to 15 identical power modules contained in one central unit. Configurations of 9, 12, or 15 power modules are available for outputs ranging from 33.3kW to 60kW. Using Fronius' MIX power module management, individual power modules can be automatically activated or disabled depending on solar conditions; combined with automatic transformer switching, this allows the Fronius CL to achieve three separate efficiency peaks. The CL's wide DC input MPPT voltage range provides high flexibility for system configuration.

The CL's control unit automatically calculates how many power modules, and which ones, will be turned on and off in partial load conditions by analyzing the respective operating hours of each unit. This helps to equalize the work load on individual power modules, increasing the service life of the inverter. It also provides redundancy, ensuring that the inverter remains operating even when there is a fault in an individual power module. If service is required, individual power modules can be removed and replaced easily via the plug and play drawer design. This ensures the highest serviceability and quick repair times. Another advantage of the modular design is that power modules can be removed for housing installation, reducing the weight of the housing and making it easier to move and install.

The Fronius CL has a NEMA 3R enclosure, with integrated AC and DC disconnects. An innovative ventilation design eliminates dust and moisture from getting into the power module area. For indoor installation there is an optional exhaust air guide, allowing the Fronius CL to channel the exhaust air to the outside. An integrated relay contact can also be used to control an external fan.

The CL is 100% compatible with the Fronius DATCOM system for comprehensive system monitoring. A Fronius Com Card and a Signal Card are already integrated in to the unit. Other components such as the Fronius Datalogger, the Sensor Box and environmental sensors can be added at any time. For string-level monitoring, use the Fronius String Control 250/25 below. For more information on Fronius DATCOM components, see Fronius accessories page.

CSA Listed to UL 1741 for the U.S. and Canada. Dimensions (in inches) including base (4-inch and optional): 72 H x 43.5 W x 28.5D The CL comes with a 10-year warranty.

Fronius String Control 250/25

The Fronius String Control 250/25 combiner and string monitor continually compares the string currents with each other, providing early detection and localization of problems in individual array strings. It can be used to combine up to 25 module strings with a total current of up to 250A. Fuses are installed into the String Control via easy-to-use fuse holders. Max string fuse size is 20A. The Fronius String Control 250/25 is compatible with all Fronius inverters and is particularly effective in combination with Fronius central inverters.

Dimensions (in inches): 26.8H x 19.7W x 16.7D. Weight: 225 lbs



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FRONIUS, 4,210,054,801, SYMO 20.0-3 480,
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Unique system design with the Fronius MIX concept High-yield power electronics In..
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FRONIUS, CL 48 WYE 4,210,246,800, ISOLAT
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FRONIUS, CL 60 WYE 4,210,248,800, ISOLAT The major advantages of the Fronius CL:  &nbs..
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