E-panels for Schneider Electric

MidNite Solar E-Panel for Schneider Electric Xantrex XW

The XW inverter is mounted directly above the E-Panel. It includes a 250 A inverter battery breaker, AC inputs for generator and utility inputs, knockouts for up to 7 DIN mount breakers and 12 panel mount breakers, and a 500 A shunt. Tin-plated copper busbars connect to the XW's battery terminals. There are busbars for AC inputs, AC output, neutral, ground, PV + in, PV- in, Bat +, and Bat- covered by a metal dead-front behind the reversible door. Charge controllers mount to either or both sides. The AC bypass can be configured as input and output on/off as well as AC bypass. The XW MPPT controller requires no mounting bracket. FM60, FM80 and Classic controllers require right or left E-Panel charge controller mounting brackets. A right-hand bracket is included. The color-matched enclosure is 16" wide, 18" tall, 8" deep and weighs 42 lbs.

MidNite Solar E-Panels for Xantrex TR Inverters

This E-panel includes inverter cables, a PV+ busbar, a battery+ busbar, a 50 A AC input/output bypass, a 50 A AC input disconnect, a 175 or 250 A 125 VDC inverter battery breaker, AC busbars, covers for DC and AC end, wall mounting brackets and hardware. Dimensions are 3" x 9" x 25" and weight is 30 lbs.

MidNite model Description Item code


E-panel to mount under one XW inverter



Left-side charge controller bracket



Gray steel chassis with 175-amp inverter breaker



Gray steel chassis with 250-amp inverter breaker



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