Deck Monitoring

Deck Monitoring

Solar Monitoring Solution

DECK Monitoring pairs an advanced software product with enhanced customer service to provide added value to all parties in a PV project partnership. DECK's streamlined customer experience, from system planning and ordering to installation and support, eliminates avoidable complications and delays, saving installers time and money. The customizable DECK Dashboard has many features to promote the end user's organization and generate green PR. Smart DECK alarms and analytics provide clear, actionable datas and responsive support services are available to assist in every aspect of system management.

All of these tools and support work together to ensure a good long-term ROI.

How to Build a DECK System Quote:

Choose a Commercial or Residential Core Package. This includes a Revenue Grade Meter, a Gateway, and CTs plus service for 5 years. Add 5-year extensions as desired.

Expand Monitoring Capabilities with a Weather Station, Inverter Data (one per inverter), Additional Meters(one for each additional meter ), Sub-Array Monitoring (one for each sub-array zone), and/or String Level Monitoring.

Choose any advanced features, such as the All-In-One Box, which provides all of your selected hardware pre-wired and pre-configured in a UL-Listed NEMA 4 enclosure, a Visual Display kiosk or touchscreen for on-site public viewing, and/or Wireless Communication to avoid running wire for data transmission.

Contact our AEE Technical Support Team for assistance in specifying your monitoring system Model.



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