SunEye 210

SunEye 210

SunEye 210

Solmetric SunEye 210 Site Analysis Tool

The Solmetric SunEye 210 assesses total potential solar energy given the orientation and shading of a particular site. Data provided by the SunEye can dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of energy production estimates, which are increasingly required by financiers and incentive programs.

The SunEye 210 is useful for PV and solar thermal hot water systems, whether roof or ground mounted. It quickly and easily provides shading analysis that can be used to optimize new systems for maximum production, troubleshoot under production, and identify specific shade-causing obstructions and quantify their effects.

The SunEye 210 uses its fish-eye lens digital camera and software to measure roof tilt and azimuth and to simulate removal or addition of shading objects or structures. It works anywhere in the world, providing easy measurements and instant feedback for quick estimates and accurate system designs. All of the data is also stored for later review. The SunEye interfaces to the USB port of a PC or laptop using the included SunEye Desktop software. A Solar Access and Shading Report summarizes the data from each session. The SunEye also outputs data files that are compatible with various simulation and design programs, including PV Designer.

The GPS version automatically finds the latitude and longitude (±3 m) for sun path calculations and displays and each Skyline reading can be automatically geo-tagged with the coordinates, enabling the locations and data to be output to Google Earth. This feature is especially useful for larger projects with multiple Skylines, or for quickly accessing data from multiple sites.

The SunEye Desktop software works on PCs with Windows 7, Windows XP SP2, or Windows 2000 SP4. Currently, the SunEye software does not run natively on Mac OS, but can be run using a Windows emulator, such as Parallels Desktop for Mac.

SunEye Extension Kit

The SunEye Extension Kit enables accurate measurements up to 5.4m (~18 ft) above ground level without a ladder. A cradle at the top of a telescoping extension pole holds the SunEye 210 securely without obstructing its field of view. When using the Extension Kit, SunEye skylines are captured by rotating the pole. The SunEye provides audio feedback to indicate a successful capture or error. The SunEye will automatically correct the measurements for azimuth and tilt using inputs from the on-board sensors. The extension kit is particularly helpful for assessing shading on structures that do not yet exist, such as carports or tall ground mount systems.

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Solmetric SunEye 210 Tool w/ worldwide operation


Solmetric SunEye 210 Tool w/ worldwide operation and GPS


Solmetric SunEye Extension Kit



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