Solar Carports

Solar Carports

Solar Carports Are Rapidly Becoming The New Standard In Installing Solar Photovoltaics

Carports are not only are a great way to cover your vehicle, but are excellent platforms for Photovoltaic Arrays. It keeps your equipment at a safe level and deploys it in areas that are typically free of shade and were previously only used to store vehicles or other machinery or equipment. Steel carport kits give you the added benefit of a perfect way to keep your vehicle shielded from the elements and provides an easy up method of installing your solar photovoltaic array that prevents attachments to your existing roof or a ground rack that serves no other purpose than to mount the PV Array.

Our metal carport kits and RV covers are of the highest quality and are engineered with the DIY person in mind. Steel metal carports give you the best in durability and convenience, while maintaining a great price that’s easy on your budget.

Our carport kits make great RV covers, boat covers, heavy equipment storage, recreation canopies, utility carports and more!

We have several styles of metal carports available, from residential to commercial. Ones with a full deck and ones without a deck. Carports with a deck allow the precipitation to run off and remain dry underneath. Carports without a deck allow some of the precipitation to flow through the gaps between the solar panels.

Some of our carports (with full deck) also allow future expansion that can provide the ability to add walls to them later to fully enclose them.

Contact one of our representatives about the many Residential and Commercial styles that we offer.

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Solar Carports
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