Brighta Series

Brighta Series

Brighta series

Brighta series light has various options for light power and pole height. Therefore, it is available for a wide variety of applications, such as narrow pathways, wide vehicle lanes, and so on.

 Multiple options on light power and pole height for different applications
 High brightness: individual CREE LEDs with up to 110lm/W. The brightness of the LED lamp is equivalent to 2~3 times that of a HPS lamp and 6~10 times that of an incandescent lamp.
 Designed to operate during the winter months even when there is a great deal of snow and rain
 Customized lens and matched light fixture for different applications
 Gel battery provides excellent performance in locations with large temperature fluctuations.
 Smart Energy Saving Mode available: High brightness for rush hours, reduced brightness or shutoff for late night and increased brightness for early birds
 Multiple lighting modes available: dusk to dawn, split night, full power, diming
 Multiple options for colors, lamp arms, battery positions
 Easy to install and assemble and free of maintenance

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