Sample Kit

Sample Kit

SnapNrack was developed by a team of veteran solar engineers working with installers in the field and dedicated to overcoming the limitations of conventional racking to ensure quick, efficient installation. It marks a significant advance in simplifying and reducing the cost of the solar installation process. SnapNrack is a top-down roof mounting solution, load tested and engineered for up to 150 mph wind load. The rail design is a light-weight anodized aluminum extrusion to maximize transportation and installation efficiency. SnapNrack is compatible with modules from virtually any manufacturer. Snap-in sliding module clips ensure quick and easy installation and precise alignment of module clamps. Mid-clips are a half-inch wide to keep the math simple. Every bolt in the system uses the same size wrench, ensuring efficient installation and reducing man-hours on the roof. There's no need to drill any holes in the rails to connect standoffs and L-feet. The channels in the rail profiles can enclose running module leads, providing better aesthetics and improved wire management. SnapNrack is engineered for durability and structural integrity in all environments. Excellent seismic, wind, and snow loading protection on all components. Its compact and efficient rail design reduces material requirements and ensures a low profile installation on your roof. SnapNrack has been engineered from the ground up to ensure maximum standoff adjustability for a clean, level installation even on uneven roof surfaces. Tilt-up can be achieved with pieces of cut rail and the tilt leg kit. Rails and components have a 10-year warranty.




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SnapNrack Sample Kit

(Kit includes sample of rail, module clamps, universal end clamp, flashing, and L-foot)




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