Series 350 Ground Mount and Series 450 Ballasted Roof Mount

Series 350 Ground Mount and Series 450 Ballasted Roof Mount

NEW! SnapNrack Series 350 Ground Mount for Large Arrays

SnapNrack Series 350 is a cost-optimized PV Mounting System designed for commercial ground mount installations. Simple, robust and efficient, the Series 350 ground mount minimizes installed cost. The system uses field-tested, engineered aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel components. SnapNrack module mounting hardware enables virtually any commercially available framed module to be mounted to the system railing. Multiple foundation options are available to support installation in a variety of site conditions from silt to lava rock. Universal End Clamps are available for a flush end finish on the array when aluminum rails are used. Theft-deterrent hardware is available for most locations. Structural Engineering and rigorous testing have been completed for wind, seismic, and snow loads in most regions, and for a number of configuration options. The result is a system with increased longevity that will be structurally sound for decades to come. As a premier racking solution, Series 350 is cost effective, quick to install, and aesthetically pleasing. Call AEE to configure your next ground mount.

NEW! SnapNrack Series 450 Ballasted Roof Mount

The new SnapNrack Series 450 offers one of the most innovative, versatile, and cost effective commercial roof mount systems on the market. Aggressive wind screening of the array, combined with a semi-rigid structure, result in a system that has excellent wind uplift characteristics at the lowest possible weight. Standoff options are integrated into the system for a “hybrid” solution where seismic attachments are required or roof structures limit ballast weight. This allows superior flexibility for projects on buildings with ballast limitations. The system is designed to work with most module brands and is being offered in 5, 12, and 20 degree tilt angles. The design includes aggressive venting to keep modules cool, and all components are manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminum and galvanized steel.


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